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Tree removal can become necessary for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, trees are hollowed out and are dying, which can cause them to become very unstable and, as such, pose a risk of falling on a house or harming people or property. Other times, roots can begin to take over the surrounding area and, in order to prevent structural damage from below, the tree must be removed. Of course, there is always the option that the home or landowner simply doesn't want the tree there anymore for aesthetic or other reasons. Regardless of why you need the tree removed, we can remove it for you in a safe and efficient manner.

Oftentimes people wonder why they should hire a professional tree removal service to come and fell their tree instead of trying to do it themselves. There are some tutorials online and books regarding tree removal and many do-it-yourselfers want to try to remove their own trees. While it certainly can be done, without the proper training and expertise it is an extremely dangerous process that can easily result in significant damage to property and serious injury to people.

Trees behave in different ways and you never really know which way a tree is going to fall or what might happen on the way down.

As licensed and certified arborists, we know trees inside and out, and we have been trained in all manner of tree felling skills so that the highest level of safety possible is guaranteed. In an emergency situation, a trained arborist can prevent unnecessary damage whereas an untrained individual will likely not have the skills and knowledge necessary to do so. Also, there are many laws that surround the removal of trees and if you remove a tree on your own without proper licensing, it can result in a hefty fine or other punishment.

It's always best to hire a professional to remove your unwanted or potentially hazardous tree, and we specialize in the efficient, high-quality, complete removal of trees from nearly any property. Call us today at (248) 685-0832 for a free estimate and see how we can help remove your tree.