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Stump Grinding  | D&L Tree Service Inc. : Milford, MI

After a tree has been removed, the job is not yet done. It is very important that the remaining stump be ground away properly and with the right equipment. Stumps that are left behind can cause a myriad of issues if not ground away properly. For one thing, they can cause unsightly lumps and bumps throughout the yard, which is aesthetically less than pleasing. Unless a stump is ground away to a certain depth below the ground, it is unlikely that the stump will remain unseen and further damage to the lawn could be done.

Aside from aesthetic value, it is also important that all stumps are done away with properly so that the risk of tripping and falling or obtaining other injuries is no longer present. Sometimes, if the stump is not ground away properly, the yard may look flat, but there are still lumps that can cause people to stumble. This is particularly concerning if you have children because most children run everywhere they go, and a stump that hasn't been ground far enough can turn into a huge disaster waiting to happen.

Using the right equipment is also very important. We specialize in using only the best equipment for the job, and we ensure that our equipment is ready and up to standard before we begin each job. If you try to do the job yourself and rent a grinder, you have no way of knowing when the last inspection of that piece of equipment was, how the last person used it, if any damage has been done to the working parts and so on. Even if the grinder works, it might have internal damage from the last person, if that person ground the stump incorrectly, that you might not be able to detect until it causes a problem. The cost of renting a grinder can also be very expensive, and using one without extensive training and experience is always assuming a risk.

Trees are our business and we know them inside and out, stump grinding included. Let us get rid of your stumps once and for all so you can ensure the safety and aesthetic integrity of your backyard or land.